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Things You can do to Help Out the Home Inspector

If you plan to have a home inspection for your home, whether for your personal satisfaction or if you are planning to offer your house in the market try to ponder on the things you can do to help out the home inspector.

The value of a good home inspector is far more important than what people actually think, our enemies who are out to get at you. Rather, home inspectors may turn out to your partner in ensuring you have a safe and secured home in tip top condition. The primary task of home inspectors is to determine the present condition of a house or real estate property, which is intended to make sure that a client is satisfied with a property for sale or one that is planned to be sold.

Basically this process is conducted to ensure the protection and reliability of a house or property prior to being bought or sold in the market.

The home inspection process is a thorough examination or assessment on the current condition of a house, which can be done to give the current status of a house either to the home seller or prospective buyer if there is a need to repair or upgrade a house or none at all.

The home inspection process can also be beneficial in determining if proper construction or repair standards have been observed.

Here are some pre-inspection preparations you can do to also help cut cost in terms of maintenance, as well as to allow the home inspector to have a good glimpse of the house for the examination process.

Firstly, you may begin by trimming trees and removing brush or other plant growth appearing from the house’s foundation, siding, roof and chimney. You can also clean out dirty gutters or debris from the roof, which will make the gutter structures more visible to the home inspector for scrutiny.

Also remove rotting wood that comes in contact with the house, since it can exacerbate stress areas in the house making the structure more vulnerable. Try to place caulk around exterior windows and wall penetrations, to prevent water from seeping in and absorb water, especially those made of wood, which could start causing decay for wooden materials in the house.

Also try to ensure that all plumbing fixtures are in proper working order and to also make sure that waterlines and plumbing system is in good condition.

Another simple thing that one can do, even women can do on their own, is to fix any falling mortar joints in brick or block. Test all smoke detectors to ensure they are in safe working condition and seal masonry walls in the basement.

Have clear access to the attic, crawl spaces, heating system, garage, and any other area that needs to be inspected as well as ensure that all doors and windows are in proper working condition, including repairing or replacing any missing or cracked window panes.

If the house is vacant, make sure the utilities are turned on and ready for inspection by the home inspector. There is indeed no fail or pass grade for the home inspection, but it will definitely give the owner an idea of the actual condition of the house.

Indeed, if one is just aware of how important a home inspection is one may need to know things you can do to help out the home inspector.


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