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Things to Consider to Prepare for Home Inspectors

Many homeowners may not initially like the idea, but in truth and in fact it would be best to get to know the basic things to consider to prepare for home inspectors.

While some people consider home inspectors as portents of doom, realistically, they are actually your next best friends in ensuring you get the value for your money when investing in a home.

Many states in America observe federal legislation requiring house properties up for sale to go through a home inspection process conducted by a licensed professional home inspector or home inspection service.

It’s the state that usually requires the home seller to prepare a standard home owner’s property disclosure report on the current condition of the house.

So the best advise would be to not hide any perceived problem that you think may reveal some problems with the home set-up, fixture or need for repair.

Do take note that home inspectors are experts in their field of endeavor and they are the ones who could provide the best advise when it comes to solutions and alternatives to what they find could be a cause for concern. If a home inspector should advise to have your real estate agent represent you at the inspection always make sure to be as transparent and truthful as possible or if you must be present at the inspection, always make it a point answer questions that the inspector may ask honestly and truthfully.

This is primarily so that the home inspector will not become suspicious with the actual status or condition of the home that is being inspected. Never ever attempt to conceal or hide any defects that you are aware about and allow the inspector to take his or her time in inspecting the house. Avoid from asking too many questions regarding the condition of the home while in the process of the examination or arguing with the debating the inspector about comments or remarks you only get to overhear.

Allow the inspector to take the time to do the inspection and never prevent the inspector from asking to look at any area of the home as deemed necessary.

On average, a standard -sized home usually takes about two hours for the home inspection. The bigger and more complex the home, the longer time it takes to go through the home inspection process.

Prior to the inspection process, make sure that all exterior doors are easily accessible, as well as all door locks are operable.

Another important area the inspector will want to make sure to go through would be the house’s electrical system and the inspector may need to remove the cover on the electric service panel to examine the electrical system, so be sure that the panel is accessible and that the cover easily removed. Every other area of the home must be made accessible, particularly the utility room areas. This is also not limited to access basement crawl spaces and attic crawl spaces.

If access to the attic crawl space is through a walk-in closet, the inspector will request for the closet door to be opened. Every home inspector understands that the examination process is an intrusion into the privacy of your home and will always conduct himself in the most professional and courteous decorum to make the experience as civil, decent and professional as possible.

So make sure to be aware of the things to consider to prepare for home inspectors to make the process a pleasant, rather than a troubling experience.


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