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The Value of a Good Home Inspector

The value of a good home inspector is far more important than what people actually think, most especially if you are out in the market to buy or sell a house.

The primary task of home inspectors is the assessment of the present condition of a house or real estate property, which is intended to make sure that a client is satisfied with a property for sale or one that is planned to be sold.

Basically this process is conducted to ensure the protection and reliability of a house or property being bought or sold in the market, which ultimately redounds to the assurance of protection and safety to the client or customer.

The home inspection process is usually a thorough examination or assessment on the current condition of a house, which can be done to give either the home seller or prospective buyer whether there is a need to repair or upgrade a house.

The home inspection process can also be beneficial in determining if proper construction or repair standards have been observed.

Professional home inspectors are mostly and carefully trained, and in the case of most regions or states in the United States, most home inspectors need to have a license in order for them to carry out their tasks.

Ideally and a common practice in many states, a home inspection report is required as a pre-requisite before a home can either be bought or sold.
A home inspector also has equipment used to assess structural integrity and longevity of most materials a house is made of, which is a key indicator whether the property being examined is indeed safe or livable.

After the examination, which usually takes several hours, even up to a number of days, depending on the size of the house, the home inspector then issues a report released to the client and regulating bodies, sometimes a local housing authority, for consumer protection and welfare.

In most cases, the inspection procedure involves the inspection of the home’s interior structure, water heating system, roof,basement, heating or cooling system, plumbing, exterior structure, electrical system and other aspects of the house.

This is where a home inspector can determine whether the building has faulty installation processes or fixtures that were undertaken, most especially improper or substandard building practices.
This is also true with homes that require extensive repairs or remodeling, including general maintenance issues, including but not limited to fire and safety concerns.

Home owners or buyers usually hire a home inspection service prior to selling or buying their homes. A home inspector is then sent over to the property being considered and conducts a thorough examination of a home to inspect and examine for potential systems or components requiring attention, most especially when it deals with structural integrity or standard installation or fixture set-up.

After the examination process, the home owner receives a detailed report of the condition of the house the owner can then plan for needed repairs and upgrades.

There is no pass or fail rating during a home inspection process and it is also not a municipal or regulatory home inspection, that determines whether the local building code of a certain state or territory is complied with.

So by now you know the value of a good home inspector and how his professional services is not only focused on regulatory compliance, but is also a process to protect the buyer or seller from substandard or faulty construction practices.


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