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Specialist Home Inspectors for Inspection of Old Homes

Are you considering getting a home inspection for an old home? The general home inspector could very well do the job. But there might be instances or cases when there is a need to hire specialists to make sure inspections of specific areas would be accurate.

The home inspector is a certified and experienced professional in carrying out home inspections. However, he might not be able to cover all aspects and parts of the home. A regular inspector might be able to tell if there is something wrong with an air conditioning and heating system, for example, but he could not exactly identify malfunctions and faulty linings. Thus, you should prepare hiring the services of specialists who cover specific areas or aspects of the home.

Mold – You know molds are fungi, microorganisms that might trigger several health problems to inhabitants. However, there are many types of molds. They should be especially tested to ensure good and healthy air quality inside the house.

Formaldehyde – Old homes could have been constructed using building materials that may contain chemicals like formaldehyde, a flammable gas that has also been proven to cause specific cancers in rats.
Well – If the home has a well, a specialist should be hired to inspect the appropriateness and reliability of the well’s construction. Several aspects should be focused on the inspection like depth of water table and water sanitation.

Water systems – A plumber is a professional in handling and inspecting galvanized pipes. Clogged pipes should be fixed immediately before more mess and trouble occurs.

Trees around the house – An arborist is a specialist in trees. Home inspections should not miss trees and plants in the surroundings, which might affect the air quality and security of the home.
Roof – Home inspectors generally inspect roofs. However, for old homes, there might be a need for specialists who are certified in inspecting old roofing systems. Such specialists could very much identify possible problems in the roof.

Pool and spa – Only specialists could estimate life expectancy and reliability of components like spa blower and heaters. They are the only professionals who could also check and identify leaks.

Easements and encroachments – Title policies basically disclose easements. However, before buying any home, especially old ones, you have to commission specialized physical inspections. You may ask the title company about actual easement records and documents from public records.
Square footage – You may hire an appraiser instead if you aim to verify square footage of the house. Public records are basically input by people, making them susceptible to human error.

Methane gas or radon – Mitigation contractors could inspect for methane gas or radon. They could also accurately recommend measures and solutions to get rid of such dangerous elements, which might be present in the interior.
Sewerage or septic system – Old homes might not be properly connected to a public sewerage system. Commission a sewer inspection. The process would use modern technology through digital cameras that would be inserted into sewer lines.

Lead-based paint – It was only in 1978 that lead-based paint was banned in the United States. Thus, old homes constructed before the year should be tested for presence of lead-based paint. Lead abatement contractors should be hired to remove such paint.

As you consider hiring a home inspector, first look at the age of the house. Newer homes may not require tedious and specified inspections. Older houses certainly do.


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