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Should a Homebuyer Hire a Home Inspector Recommended by an Agent?

Before buying a house, a homebuyer should first make sure the property is of good condition. That is why there is an utmost need to hire the services of a good, qualified, and credible home inspector. If you are a first-time buyer, how could you find such a home inspector? Home sellers or agents usually recommend several inspectors that buyers could hire. Would you hire those inspectors?

It is not surprising that many homebuyers, particularly the first-timers, have doubts about hiring home inspectors recommended by their agents. To them, they are questioning the integrity and honesty of such inspection personnel. They raise a point. Their argument is that home sellers or agents naturally would want to sell the house because their commissions depend on the transaction. Needless to say, such agents’ ultimate goal is to have the home finally sold.

So is that a reason for agents to enter into a collusion agreement with home inspectors? Yes, it obviously is. But come to think of it. Could that practice be done in the current competitive market? Experts would assure you that it is quite impossible for an agent and a home inspector to collude just to make sure inspection report would be favorable to make the home sold. It could be possible, but in the current stringent regulations, agents and inspectors would be wiser not to get into any form of malpractice.

The real estate or property sector is a dynamic industry where only about 10% of home sellers or agents are able to sell homes. They even account for up to 90% of total home sales. The rest of the agents may not be qualified enough, or may lack first-hand experiences to determine which inspectors are qualified and reliable. Thus, you should trust your agent if he has been in the business for many years now. His reputation in the industry also matters.

Take note that almost all home agents want full disclosure. They would always make sure the homebuyers’ interests would have to be prioritized. Only by doing so could they stay in business. Agents and inspectors all abide by what is called an industry standard practice. There are regulations covering violations in standards, which everyone logically would avoid. It would only cost too much for any agent to commission an inspector to come out with a faulty report.

To date, no reputable agent would be willing to withhold any important information to a prospective homebuyer. Of course, they know that if full disclosure is not implemented, buyers could always get back to them even after the deal has been closed. Agents also do not want to get the blame if there are safety, security, and maintenance issues missed during a home inspection. In this way, rest assured that they would only recommend inspectors whom they think would be capable and reliable to do the job well.

In the property market, it is also observed that home inspectors recommended are of the agents’ same caliber. Again, this is an assurance that any home inspector on agents’ recommended lists is trustworthy. So, should you hire a home inspector recommended by your agent? There is no reason for you not to. In the end the decision is still all up to you.


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