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How to Look for a Good Home Inspector

Are you out in the market to buy or sell a house, then surely you must know how to look for a good home inspector.

Home inspectors are usually tasked to assess or appraise the present condition of a house or real estate property, as a way of ensuring consumer protection and reliability of a house or property being bought or sold in the market.

A home inspection process is usually a thorough yet non-invasive examination or assessment on a current condition of the house. Home inspectors are carefully trained and licensed to carry out their inspections or examinations and they usually carry with them special equipment that aid them in conducting the assessment.After the thorough examination, the home inspector then issues a report that is released to the client and regulating bodies that ensure consumer protection and welfare.

Usual inspection procedures involve thorough examinations of the homeís interior structure, basement, roof, heating or cooling system, water heating system, exterior structure, plumbing, electrical system and other aspects of the house or building to check for faulty installation processes or fixtures, especially improper or substandard building practices.

This is also true with homes that require extensive repairs or remodeling, including general maintenance issues, including but not limited to fire and safety concerns.

Home owners or buyers usually hire a home inspection service prior to selling or buying their homes. A home inspector is then sent over to the property being considered and conducts a thorough examination of a home to inspect and examine for potential systems or components requiring attention, most especially when it deals with structural integrity or standard installation or fixture set-up.

After the examination process, the home owner receives a detailed report of the condition of the house the owner can then plan for needed repairs and upgrades.

Oftentimes, home inspectors are often confused with a real estate appraiser, but the difference is mainly that a home inspector determines or assesses the condition of a structure, while a real estate appraiser determines the value of a property so that a homeowner can have a general idea of the market value of the property.

During a home inspection examination process, there is no pass or fail rating, rather it is a home inspection process that determines the current condition of a house, thus not an appraisal.

It is also not a municipal or regulatory home inspection, which aims to verify a local building code compliance and the home inspector does not indicate whether to give a passing grade or fail a house, but describe its current physical condition and indicate what components and home interior or exterior systems that may need a major or minor repair or replacement.

In Canada and the United States, a similar home inspection process applies and is usually included in a contract to purchase a house for which a home inspection by an authorized or licensed home inspector is an important prerequisite before the contract can become valid or executable.

Many states and provinces, have regulating bodies that provides licenses to trained home inspectors, while there are also some states that do not regulate the practice.

There are several common tips to look for good home inspectors if the need should arise, you could simply check local phone listings, the internet or ask around so that you may have your choice of a good home inspector to check your home.

Itís not really difficult and there are dozens of ways to know how to look for a good home inspector.


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