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How to Best Prepare Your Home for Examination by a Home Inspector

It is important to know how to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector, most especially for those who are first time home investor, regardless of whether a seller or buyer.

It is important to have a home inspector examine the home, especially since it is crucial to know whether a house is fit for sale or purchase by thoroughly checking the house rather than just being content with what can be seen at face value.

Although it is safe to say that location, buyer preferences and location are major factors that play a key role in the inspection process, especially since Federal law dictates in some states where it is regulated and is a prerequisite prior to a sale or purchase of a home.
Thus it is also good to know what things to do to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector.

It would be best to know how to prepare your home, since it will help you maximize the service and wealth of knowledge of a home inspector to your advantage.

A proper home inspection will also present a home property in the best condition possible, as well as prevent further delays that may occur due to incomplete maintenance or pending repairs, which could have been in place prior to selling or buying the property.

Try to make sure to fix simple day to day tasks which can be done by yourself, most especially those that can easily be done.
That way when a home inspector comes and checks, he may no longer have to countercheck, except for those requiring the inspector’s undivided attention.

Take note that even the slightest problems that may be gleaned from the inspection, be it a defective doorknob, faucets, handles and other interior set-up.

This is also the same with major repairs for problems with the roof, ceiling, attic and basement, among others.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the house before the home inspector arrives. Cleaning the house will entail lesser time for inspection since the inspector will no longer have to clear an area of dust or other household obstructions that could not only hamper the inspector’s work, but will also create an impression that an unkempt house is reflective of the customer’s attitude and behavior.

Also have the home ready on time, so as much as possible, make sure to be ready for the home inspector’s arrival to conduct the examination. Ideally, try to allow at least 30 minutes before the agreed appointment time.
A home inspector’s time is also important for them, so make it a point to make sure that every minute counts.

If one needs to go someplace else important while an inspection is going on, try to leave the keys of locked areas or doors.
You could either arrange the keys in a conspicuous place or formally endorse the keys they may need to gain access into all possible areas in the house.

Also, try and make sure that all basic utilities are functioning properly and properly connected. Setting off may cause confusion with the home inspector so make it a point to also have anything handy for the inspector to use or check.

So these are the basic things a homeowner may need to bear in mind and how to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector.


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