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Home Hot Spots According to Home Inspectors

Are you intending to sell a home? If you are, be reminded that homebuyers are naturally wise and practical enough to hire professional home inspectors before closing any acquisition. The idea is to take a closer look at the house before buying, so that they could be sure the home is in good condition. Who in his right mind would want to buy a house that is almost condemned?

You could speed the process up or you could avoid possible problems that may affect or hinder your potential home sale. That is if you could hire a qualified home inspector so you could already make the necessary maintenance and repair, long before you put the house up for sale. Surely, the home inspector is supposed to cover a number of important systems and parts of the home. However, there are ‘hot spots’ or usual areas of the house that most buyers worry a lot about.

First, mildew stains with accompanying odors almost always scare prospective home buyers. Mold and mildew presence may pose health risks because the fungi may be carried by ventilation and the air to be breathed by inhabitants. Mildew odors also automatically point to a very moist basement. Take note that constant moisture deteriorates materials in buildings. They also attract insects. Homebuyers would have to buy homes that are always moist. Moisture may also lead to suspicions about the drainage system, the roofing, the water flow, and mostly, to possible foundation problems.

Orlando Group Roofing reminds us that roofs and chimneys are of course main concerns. Roofs function as natural protection of the entire house against harsh sunlight and torrential rains. Home inspectors naturally run thorough inspection of the roofing system because doing so is very important. As for the chimneys, the base’s flashing system should be watertight. The bricks and mortar should always be in excellent condition.

The plumbing system is an important area because no homebuyer would want to encounter any problem with it. The home inspector would have to check water pressure through flushing toilets and turning on different faucets at the same time. Several inspectors may go as far as checking the septic system. However, in most cases, septic and sewerage inspections would have to be referred to specialists who know more about them.

Electrical system is always a cause of alarm. Many home fires occur because of faulty electrical wires. Inspectors should be able to identify such faulty and troublesome wiring. Circuit breakers and panels should be configured appropriately to run adequately and cater to the house needs. There is also a need to check the quality and safety of receptacles, outlets, lighting systems, and electrical box. Professional electricians are needed to do a more thorough and more accurate electrical system check.

Other hot spots for home inspections include cooling and heating systems, foundation and structure, and appliances. Security alarms like smoke and burglar detectors should also be in great and functional condition. Overall, you should hire a home inspector with the aim to make necessary repair and maintenance so your home would be saleable. Home inspections could never be tampered no matter how hard you try.

Homebuyers always have the option to commission their own home inspection so that they could identify potential problems in the home that may have been missed and overlooked by your inspection.


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