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Different Types of Home Inspectors

If you are hiring the services of a home inspector, you should never be surprised that he might recommend you to hire services of other home inspectors. It is not that he is incapable of inspecting the home. It is that your general home inspector might lack specialization in checking or inspecting specific parts or systems of the home.

For instance, your home inspector might not be able to fully inspect or gauge the air conditioning system of the home. He might be lacking enough useful knowledge about electrical lines and air conditioning. The same goes for the chimney. Your general home inspector might not be able to tell if flue liners and bricks might already be crumbling.

The subject of home inspection might surprise you because there are actually specific areas involved. As such, your general home inspector could still be of great help, but in certain cases or instances, he might refer you to the services of other specialized home inspectors. Hold your breath; there are more than 20 of them. Some of those types of home inspectors specialize in:

Electrical system – The general home inspector could tell you there might be a need to replace an old electrical box. However, he could not be certain if the box is still complying with city or state code nor could he recommend repair jobs. You would need the services of a home inspector specializing in electrical systems.

Air conditioning and heating system – A specialist could very well tell if your heating or air conditioning system needs repair or replacement. The general home inspector might not be able to find out cracks in the heat exchanger or any malfunction.

Chimney – General home inspectors should admit that they are not knowledgeable enough to inspect old chimneys in particular. Bricks and flue liners in the chimney interior might already be crumbling. A specialized chimney inspector could also tell if smoke is being discharged properly, and then recommend solutions if not.

Wood destroying pests – Specialists know more about wood-destroying pests, which general home inspectors could not easily discern and check. It is important to identify specific pests so that specific solutions could be applied.

Home foundation – A foundation engineer could immediately tell if your home has a faulty foundation or it is sliding. General home inspectors could not tell if your home is actually built on a raised foundation or on a slab. Your home foundation is important because the life-span and overall safety of the home depends on it.

Soil stability – There is a need to test the soil beneath and around the house. Inspection on soil stability is particularly important especially if the house of standing on a hillside. No homebuyer would want a home that could slide away in the middle of a rainstorm. Also, several areas may be prone to soil contamination.

Asbestos – The element is one of the most health-risky. Unfortunately, many home constructions in the past used asbestos in building structures. Your general home inspector may not be able to tell if there are asbestos materials in an old home.

Services of the general home inspector are still reliable and accurate. However, in special and specific cases, specialists’ services would be required. This is more possible when the home to be inspected is already old.


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